Deliveries are possible to Switzerland and multiple countries around the world, for specific info, please contact us at  Delivery is from stock of to the delivery address given by the customer. Information about the delivery deadline is not binding. Exceeding the delivery period is not entitled to damages. If is unable to deliver the ordered goods because a supplier of does not fulfill its contractual obligations, is entitled to cancel the contract. In this case the customer will be informed immediately that the ordered product is not available. If delivery to the customer is not possible because the customer is not present at the delivery address given by him, even though the delivery date has been given to the customer a reasonable period, the Purchaser shall bear the costs of the unsuccessful delivery.

The delivery is by parcel service by Swiss Post. The Swiss shipping costs for transport, packing and insurance amount from:

1-6 Bottle cost CHF 13.- for delivery in Switzerland. / ( Champagne 75cl/one bottle = 1.8 kg) Champagne Glasses : CHF 13.- for delivery in Switzerland.

If purchase exceeds value of CHF 300, delivers the package to you for free.  Delivery to your door or apartment door as per the Swiss Post rules.


For deliveries outside Switzerland, please contact us on for more information on costs and timings involved.

If the package arrives damaged, please refuse to accept the parcel and it will be traced back by the parcel service. You must also report any transit damage within 10 days of receipt of goods to We will refund all the damaged items free of charge and will immediately dispatch the goods ordered again.