The nature precious gift associated to the rare
talent of the wine grower, our vineyard of 50 hectares
is planted with the noble champagne grape variety.

Charles Ellner’s Vineyard

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir et Pinot meunier,
get the benefit of the best champagne “terroir” where there are planted:
– Montagne de Reims
– Sezanne region
– Côte des Blancs
– Bar sur Aubois
– Marne Valley
– And mainly the hills of Epernay (birth place of the family)

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Shop Champagne Etienne Lefevre


Among the oldest family of « Montagne de Reims » .In 1621, our ancêtres were yet wine growers in Verzenay.

The Lefèvre family has been one of the first in the village to make its own Champagne.
The estate is located in Verzy, in “Montagne de Reims”
Verzy is included in the 17 villages have graded « Grand Cru” in Champagne 20 Km on the South-East of Reims, at 160 Km from Paris

Vine growing :
Grape variety : 80% of Pinot Noir and 20% of Chardonnay
Mainly on the terroirs of Verzy and Verzenay which are ranked Grand cru Average age of the vines : 25 years old
Limestone soil
Hand- harvesting
Sustained wine-growing



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Shop Champagne Jean-Yves de Carlini



Since 1955, the family De Carlini have been at Verzenay in the heart of the Montagne de Reims , three generations have been cultivating a vineyard carefully about 6 hectares, spread over the Grand Cru Verzenay, Verzy, Beaumont-sur-Vesle and Premiers Crus Ludes , Rilly-la-Montagne and Villers-Marmery to develop 65,000 bottles per year.

Harvesting handling has always been the family DE CARLINI also adheres to the charter of the Independent Winegrowers of France , in the greatest respect for the environment and offers more than a job and the best knowledge of wine.






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